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Oct 21, 2012 6:30pm PDT
shows us the focus of the debate. >> reporter: mitt romney took a break from debate practice in florida to watch his staffers taking part in a flag football game. he said he had a strategy of victory. >> figure out which player is best and take him out early. >> reporter: he says the race created the race to be a dead heat. >> i think it is a parent in the debates is that the president has no plans for the next four years. >> aids to president barack obama say he does have a plan. >> mitt romney should come out on the trail with us and come to some of our rallies. [ laughter ] across the country. that would be fun and listen to what the president is saying. >> reporter: monday's debate is the third and final match up between the presidential candidates. the focus will be on foreign policy sunday, 50 students won tickets to see the debate in person. pamela got lucky. >> i am so excited. i am about to cry. i am so excited. >> this 41-year-old single mother is back in college. she is looking for specifics from the candidates but thinks the president has the edge this time around. >> i th
Oct 14, 2012 6:30pm PDT
seen what a debate can do to a campaign. just look at mitt romney's surge in the polls over the past week. tuesday night we'll see the second act but as cbs 5 reporter don knapp complains events a world away -- explains events a world away continue to dominate the discussion. >> reporter: yesterday mitt romney was trying to go over the top in the must win state of ohio. now the campaign is bracing for a tougher more aggressive president obama in the debate number two. >> even if he change his style, and whatever political take tick the president's settles on is being in his best interests for the debate he can't change the record or the policies. >> hello everybody. i brought some food. >> reporter: president obama delivered pizza to campaign volunteers in williamsburg virginia and made a few calls. >> hi, this is barack obama. i know that you have just been working so hard for the campaign and i just wanted to say how much i appreciate it. >> reporter: meanwhile senior campaign adviser robert gibbs was talking up the next debate on cnn's state of the union. >> he's got to be more en
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2